Follow the kids’ lead

This workshop is designed for a group of families who are planning to build a pirate kindergarten in order to common childcare. The workshop can be conceived as a stand-alone session, however we suggest to take a second collective moment in order to organize the workshop How to Build a Pirate Kindergarten in Your Neighbourhood.


2 hours


City, Relation, Power Relations, Voice


Bits of paper

Let’s learn together

Step 1: Introduction (15 min.)

Decide a specific spot in the city where to meet with all the families involved and their children. Prepare numbered pieces of paper according to the number of people involved and casually distribute them. Before starting the walk, every person (adult and children) should have a piece paper with a number indicating the progression with which the group will be guided.

Step 2: Just follow! (60 min. Or more according to the group length and strength)

The first person who starts moving decides where to go for the first five minutes. The rest of the group follows behind silently. After every five minutes, the person leading the walk will change. Repeat this operation until everyone has had the chance to guide the group once. Do not be afraid to be led by babies on their feet or strollers. Just collectively listen to their needs and desires. Follow each other!

Step 3: Conclusions (45 min.)

Find together a place where to rest or drink something. Discuss with children what you have discovered about the city and its inhabitants.