Here we want to explore some of the ways that the practice of psyciatry is connected to other regimes of control, such as the state apparatus, the border regime, and the prison industrial complex. When defying power is seen as a disorder unto itself, the logic of psychiatry upholds the systems that organize our social life while reinforcing and exacerbating structural inequalities.

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  • The Dispossessed poses an image of an anarcho-syndicalist society, with all its beauty and its setbacks. There are no prisons, and in the absense of a formal court system, social ostracization is powerful. What is your opinion of Tirin’s fate? What do you think about the prospect of abolishing the asylum and the prison altogether? How might questions of ‘mental illness’ be negotiated in a society without incarcertion or institutionalization?

  • “Soaring Beyond the Walls” outlines some somatic exercises that folks can do even from within the confines of a cell to connect with our bodies and negotiate whats ahead of us. What are some other possible ways that we might act in solidarity with those on the inside who might be lacking in the connection and emotional support we all crave?