• Critical understanding of one’s own complicity in criminalizing others
  • Finding one’s own way to support and solidarize with those subjected to dehumanization and criminalization
  • Challenge common legal and institutional practices of criminalization

Method: Workshop

‘A little prison in the Hedgehog’s land’ is a picture book addressing the criminalization of the so-called illegal migrant/refugee wandering through the woods and running from danger. The book was inspired by the tale Ježeva kučica (Hedgehog’s Home) in which a hedgehog is in search of a home. The title and the story were modified to tell the story of the detention centre in Ježevo (“Hedgehog land”) near Zagreb, the Croatian capital. The book was made by the group of students and a mentor at the Centre for Peace Studies in Croatia. The book consists of two parts, one that is a story to read, reflect on and discuss, and the other that represents a game. The booklet can be used in both ways or separately, depending on the specific purpose and time frame.

Note: The booklet is in Croatian language only and is not accessible online for now.

Time: 90 to 120 minutes