• How do we get people to understand our situation or context?
  • How can we use stories (informally) as a centre for research to respond to dangers which have been over-looked?
  • How can we use stories and performative memory for personal safety and solidarity in the here and now?

‘Co-creating empathy’ using personal narratives (ref) and inquisitive non-judgmental validating conversations. Stories give new insight into what people have endured and with it the time and space to reflect on those experiences helping ‘co-create empathy’.


Video: Paul Parking, “Reimagining Empathy: The Transformative Nature of Empathy”, TEDxTalks, July 9 th , 2015.

Video: Dr. Jane Goodall explains how she uses stories in conversations with people thinking polar opposite. Dr. Jane Goodall’s Advice for Getting Others to Care About the Environment

Digital Learning Platform: The living library is a world-wide movement creating a safe space for dialogue challenging stereotypes and stigma using the praxis of personal narratives (stories). Topics are openly discussed between people and readers. First Person Discourse: first-person discourse 6 (embodied knowledge 7).