Here we want to look at some critical perspectives that come out of the experience of attempting to ‘treat’ or being treated within the psychiatric context.

Recommended Reading

Further Reading

-Gilles Deleuze,2007.‘Two Regimes of Madness: Texts and Interviews 1975–1995’.Semiotext.

  • Is the schizo just unable to place or name their desire? or is it a process wreaking havoc on the continuity of society and if so, isn’t that exactly what we need more of? How to support the figure of the schizo while avoiding their internal breakdown. Some ongoing questions in the form of pretty theory that’s admittedly dense, but with a certain poetry and madness to it as well.


  • Are mental health crises or atypical behavior characterized differently by survivors of psychiatric treatment than in some of the other texts we’ve looked at?
  • What are some of the pillars of the anti-psychiatry movement?